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Erlend Garåsen
Petrus N?slund wrote:
> I had some problems with this as well. It seemed like whatever I put in the meta tag,
> eg <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
> would be messed up in IE on windows. If I added the ldml tag [content_type: 'text/html; charset=UTF-8']
> it would process fine. But, then I have to be sure that this tag is present in all solutions...
> Finally, I removed the AddDefaultCharset directive from the httpd.conf (#AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1), and this seemed to do the trick. Now, IE will process the page according to what's in the meta tag.

I tried to add:
AddDefaultCharset utf-8
in case this solved the problem with the double Unicode bytes displayed,
but unfortunately not.

But maybe the problem is caused by my hacked FMSA. I hacked it because I
didn't want to use IIS on W2K3, so I'm running the web server connector
on Linux with Apache (works great). To be able to use Apache instead of
IIS, I had to download the mod_jk connector from and
build it for RHEL3. I don't think there is a build option for Unicode (I
guess it handles Unicode without any build arguments).

I'm not sure this is the core of the problem since searching and
displaying Norwegian characters with UTF-8 works (it just doesn't handle
the Cyrillic characters).

So the URL for FMSA in "host detail" is actually localhost on Linux
since I'm using the mod_jk connector to connect to FMSA (of course I had
to change a lot of settings and mappings in httpd.conf.)

BTW: If I browse the records using the DatabaseBrowser LassoApp, the
Cyrillic characters are still incorrectly displayed.


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