lasso studio 8.0.4

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lasso studio 8.0.4

using mac os x.3.9 and GoLive CS2

lasso studio 8.0.4 does not install,  but creates a folder "golive cs"
in the /application's folder

If you drag ,from the modules and settings sub-folders to the
appropriate  Golive CS2 folders:

1)-site-admin doesn't open since it's not linked to anything

2)-also in the form-builder all the fields "STILL DO NOT APPEAR" , This
was one of the primary  reasons for this fix!!!

The fix creates more problems then it set out to "Solve"!!!

*)-the lasso8 manuals appear to be a copy and paste from "7" with a few
new entries

just replete with the same old spelling errors ( and many other errors
as well), obviously no proof-reading took place!!!

[- It may be safer  to wait at least  9 months before considering any
upgrade to anything lasso-]

GoLive CS2, MySQL, (Lasso-Studio8-When finally ready) are the King-of

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