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Hi Everyone,

I've pushed up a new rendered set of API docs.  I combined the
existing gen_source_docs.inc by Brad Lindsay and Eric Knibbe's
sphinxifier.lasso to hack something together that seems to show
all the Knop types and methods.

Unfortunately neither has the capacity to render docstrings or
doccomments very well if at all, so descriptions of the type,
method, and its parameters are not present.  This makes me sad,
as it made the help from Knop for Lasso 8 very useful.  I looked
into how LassoGuide is generated, but it appears that
sphinxifier was used initially, then the descriptions were
manually populated.

Anywho, you can check out the branch 'docs-update' and load this
up in a web browser to check it out.

Eventually, I will merge the markdown docs and reST docs, with a
narrative section and an API section.


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