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And now I got it configured such that the docs are published on
Read the Docs upon each push to the GitHub repo.

Currently only the branch `docs-update` gets published, but that
will change when I merge it to `master`.

One of the nice things about RTD is that you don't have to build
the docs yourself and it can build both HTML, PDF, and epub
versions automatically.


On 2/2/17 at 3:00 AM, [hidden email] (Steve Piercy -
Website Builder) pronounced:

>Hi Everyone,
>I've pushed up a new rendered set of API docs.  I combined the
>existing gen_source_docs.inc by Brad Lindsay and Eric Knibbe's
>sphinxifier.lasso to hack something together that seems to show
>all the Knop types and methods.
>Unfortunately neither has the capacity to render docstrings or
>doccomments very well if at all, so descriptions of the type,
>method, and its parameters are not present.  This makes me sad,
>as it made the help from Knop for Lasso 8 very useful.  I
>looked into how LassoGuide is generated, but it appears that
>sphinxifier was used initially, then the descriptions were
>manually populated.
>Anywho, you can check out the branch 'docs-update' and load
>this up in a web browser to check it out.
>Eventually, I will merge the markdown docs and reST docs, with
>a narrative section and an API section.
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>Steve Piercy              Website Builder              Soquel, CA
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Steve Piercy              Website Builder              Soquel, CA
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