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[knop-project] Lasso 9 update FileMaker record

Does anyone use FileMaker with Knop and Lasso 9?

I've tried every possible combination to update a record in
FileMaker using Knop for Lasso 9's knop_database -> saverecord().

     $db -> saverecord(

No matter what, the record does not update.  However the Lasso
error log shows this:

     knop_database _unknownTag called without corresponding
field name: _unknowntag

Which is generated by this line of code:

Judging by the comments left in there, it looks like someone
(Jolle?) ran into similar issues and tried to debug it.

Anyone got any idea of how to debug this issue?  I'm at an utter
and complete loss.

FWIW, a regular old inline works.

         -update) => {}

Why -keyfield=''?  Because it's not fixed:


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