Unable to log anything or see log files

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Unable to log anything or see log files

I'm working with Lasso 8.5 or 8.6 and none of the Log* tags from the documentation ever write anything anywhere... not to /tmp, not to docroot, nothing.

I'm not even finding where the Log_* whatever tags are supposed to write to... all the documentation says is to "Lasso’s internal error logs", but I'm not seeing where those are.

I'd prefer to just use Log but I'm not seeing why that's not working or how to make it work. Is it deactivated? How do I tell? How do I activate it?

When I export the server settings, I find this:

[lasso_internal.global_prefs: id, store_key, data, size]
  ("2","lasso_file_extensions",".bmp .cmyk .gif .jpg .pdf .png .psd .rgb .text .tif .txt .uld .wsdl .xml .xsd .xsl",""),
  ("3","lasso_script_extensions",".htm .html .inc .incl .las .lasso .lassoapp",""),

but I'm not seeing what *_dest means anywhere...