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[Tip of the Week] Lasso Reference URLs and Search Engines

Fletcher Sandbeck
The tip of the week for February 16, 2007 explains the new layout of the
online Lasso Reference including details about its URL design and how it
aids search engine indexing.


February Newsletter - Read our newsletter for details about the Lasso
Summit and the current Summit Special on Lasso products.


Recent tips of the week include:

- Session Graph Using Chart FX

- Chart FX Enhancements Preview

- Lasso 8.5 DNS Lookup Tags

Comments, corrections, or ideas for future tips of the week are
appreciated and can be sent to <[hidden email]>.

Fletcher Sandbeck                         [hidden email]
Director of Product Development       http://www.lassostudio.com
OmniPilot Software, Inc.                http://www.omnipilot.com

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March 2-4, 2007 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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