[Tip of the Week] Array and Keyword Symbols (Colons and Hyphens)

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[Tip of the Week] Array and Keyword Symbols (Colons and Hyphens)

Fletcher Sandbeck
Tip of the week for June 10, 2005 describes the array : and keyword - symbols in Lasso. The array symbol can be used as a shortcut to quickly create an array. The keyword symbol can be used in concert with the [String->WasKeyword] tag to distinguish strings from keywords.


Past tips of the week can be viewed in the right sidebar of the current tip of the week.  Recent tips of the week include:

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- The [Include_URL] tag. Fetch Web pages and submit data to remote servers.

- Introduction to Debugging and Lasso Studio for Eclipse

Comments, corrections, or ideas for future tips of the week are appreciated and can be sent to <[hidden email]>.

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