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Table encoding and [inline: -table= ...]

James Harvard
[I've not (yet) looked into this and I'm not yet using MySQL 4.1 or L8, so apologies if I'm missing something.]

For those who didn't structure their site with inlines that use a globally defined variable containing all the  database connection parameters (see Jason's post below) it should be possible to set a default encoding for all tables in a database. Would this be a useful feature (i.e. worth a msg to features@OP)? Presumably it is probable that all the tables in a database would use the same encoding - or is there a good reason why they might not?

James Harvard

At 10:25 am -0400 10/6/05, Jason Huck wrote:

>Actually I vaguely seem to recall an earlier discussion about how the
>-table param is what tells Lasso what character encoding to use with
>the target table, even in -sql inlines. Perhaps this does have some
>small impact on performance. I'm sure you could universally spec a
>single table in all your inlines, regardless of which table(s) you're
>actually using in your SQL queries.
>Doug makes a good point about the security, though, and I wouldn't be
>surprised if that's more directly related to your performance issue
>somehow. You might consider doing a search and replace on your files
>to provide yourself with easier global control over your inlines. If
>you replaced all occurrences of "inline: " with "inline: $dbconn, "
>for instance, you could then globally insert parameters like
>-username, -password, -table, -maxrecords, etc. using an array of
>pairs, either via a global configuration file that all your pages
>include (if you have one), or even as a global variable. Inline
>parameters are processed in the order given, so you can, for instance,
>set a -maxrecords default in $dbconn, and override it in an individual
>inline just by including another -maxrecords afterwards.

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