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Re: SQL inline permissions - Fix

Roddie Grant
In March of last year there was a discussion about the "missing" "Execute
SQL" option with the MySQL connector. Clive Bruton found a fix, and Fletcher
confirmed it (see below).

I didn't bother with this at the time because it was only on a development
machine, but now I need to fix it. I've changed the line in the code, but
"rebuild the LassoApp" has me baffled. I've read up on LassoApps, but I
can't work out which files to build. (This is 6.0.6).

Can someone point me in the right direction.


Roddie Grant

> ID     132523
> Subject     Re: SQL inline permissions - Fix
> Author     Fletcher Sandbeck
> Date / Time        Mon, Mar 22, 2004 4:03:10 PM PST
> I've looked into it.  It was a bug we fixed for 7, but regrettably didn't
> apply back to 6.  If you remove that line and rebuild the LassoApp you should
> be in good shape.
> [fletcher]

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