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Erlend Garåsen

What is the worst thing that might happen if we run a newer version of
ImageMagick? My guess is that the Image tags will not work properly.

I accidentally upgraded the packages to version 6, and then I noticed
the following entries in the console log:
[06/13/05 09:53:44] Error from dlopen: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory
[06/13/05 09:53:44] Image: The image tags have not loaded. This is
usually due to X11 not being installed.

But everything else seems to work as usual.

I see there are several security problems with the old versions, but
probably (I hope) our machines are not vulnerable as long as we only use
ImageMagick with Lasso.


Fletcher Sandbeck wrote:

> On 5/25/05 at 9:53 AM by [hidden email] (Cristian Cerda):
>>Can anyone help me with this?
> I believe LP7 specifically requires ImageMagick version 5.5.7.  It will not work with a newer version of ImagMagick like 6.x.  The different veersions of ImageMagick are available from this URL <> or from other mirrors linked at <>.
> The release notes with each product specify what versions of RPMs are required by Lasso.  In general, Lasso can adapt to minor updates of these RPMs, but may not be able to adapt to whole new versions.  LP8 requires the newer versions of ImageMagick.  
> [fletcher]

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