POS - Point of Sale - done it? w. Lasso? or just have an opinion?

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POS - Point of Sale - done it? w. Lasso? or just have an opinion?

andre hopkins

POS -- for the purposes of this discussion it stands for point of  
sale <g>

I'm looking at different point of sale/inventory software and systems  
right now. Its not very pretty. There are certainly some pos/e-
commerce systems but so far all i've found are closed systems that  
won't integrate with anything else.

I'd like to find something that is able to integrate w. lasso, so  
that web site sales/inventory/customers can be all tied directly to  
one system. maybe something that is able to exchange data through xml ?

Or at least find a system that doesn't totally suck.

This is for some stores in the u.s.


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