PDF Fills don't work for Rectangles?!?

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PDF Fills don't work for Rectangles?!?

Tom Langton
I'm not having any luck using fills with rectangles created with the 'rect'
pdf tag. I get un-filled, stroked rectangles as result of following

$MyFile->(SetColor: 'fill', 'RGB', 1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
$MyFile->(Rect: $doc_left -4 , $doc_bottom -4, $doc_wd + 8, $doc_ht + 8);

I've tried both 'fill' and 'both' for the drawing action parameter - the
only parameter that seems to work is 'stroke'. Also - can't get any color
with the 'gray' color space parameter.

Are these known issues or am I at fault?

Also, the 'moveTo' parameter seems to be a superfluous precedent to the
'line' command.

OSX.4, LP8.04

Tom Langton

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