[OT] 1 Week until the FREE Webinar on Lasso Arrays

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[OT] 1 Week until the FREE Webinar on Lasso Arrays

Tami Williams-3
FREE Webinar on Lasso Arrays

Tami Williams is presenting a FREE Webinar on Lasso Arrays online  
(via WebEx) on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 2pm EST.

Arrays are one of the most effective ways of managing data.

     * If you want to know: What is an array?
     * Why should I use arrays?
     * Which Lasso tags do I use to create and manipulate collections  
of values?

This FREE 30-45 minute webinar is for you.    There will be time for  

Introducing the building blocks for things like:
     * Using one piece of code to display a State Abbreviation select  
list (instead of manually re-creating it each time it s on a new page)
     * Manipulating form parameters
     * Using database connection variables
     * Creating dynamic inlines
     * Holding a shopping cart in memory until checkout (instead of  
storing every entry in the database immediately)

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Location: Your desk!  Online training via WebEx
Time: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM EST
Cost: FREE

To register go to: https://asktami.webex.com/asktami/j.php?

Or, email: [hidden email]

Or, call: 770-457-3221

Tami Williams has been teaching Lasso development since version 3. An  
experienced trainer and professional database and web application  
developer, she knows how to solve complex problems.
If you want someone to tell it to you straight and help you pave the  
way to a clearer, easier path - ask Tami.

Tami Williams
Creative Computing
[hidden email]

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