MySQL upgrade breaks search? [SOLVED]

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MySQL upgrade breaks search? [SOLVED]

Marc Pinnell-3
Apparently, from what I can find, MySQL 4.0x didn't have multiple  
character/collation sets, but 4.1 does. When upgrading it labeled all  
my columns as UTF8. I am guessing that UTF8 is case sensitive where  
MySQL searches were case insensitive before. I tired changing the  
lowercase 'a' and 'lz' to 'A' and 'Lz' in the below statement at it  
started working. I then changed it back to lower case and changed the  
column character set to ascii and ascii_general_ci for collation and  
the original SQL statement started working again!


I recently upgraded my servers and in the process changed from  
version 4.021 to version 4.1.12 of MySQL. The below search (which  
gets saved as a var and inserted into an inline) was working fine and  
I just noticed that it no longer works! Any ideas?

SELECT EmailAdd, Website, FirstName, LastName, BizName FROM Members  
WHERE BizName BETWEEN 'a' AND 'lz' AND Approved = 'Yes' ORDER BY  

It doesn't throw an error, just doesn't find anything. I believe it  
has something to do with the "Between a and lz" part.


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