Max files in folder - WebStar V default index - Write file troubles

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Max files in folder - WebStar V default index - Write file troubles

Michael Coninx
Hello List,

Last week our WebStar 5.3.2 / LP 7.1.1. on Mac OS 10.3 started behaving
The first thing that went wrong (or better the first thing noticed) was
a "file not found" error
when viewing a folder like this "http://domainname/foldername/"

In normal circumstances, WebStar retrieves the index file and displays
it. This no longer
worked for one specific folder. When calling the index file directly, it
showed up without
any problem. Clearing the WebStar cache, re-installing WebStar did not help.

Since other folders did not experience this behaviour, I was wondering
what was the difference between
those folders, that all have the same kind of index file. The problem
folder had more than 1200 files,
the other folders have less. When I deleted some of the files (a new
total of less than 1200),
the index file suddenly was found again by WebStar.

This occured last friday afternoon. At the end of the day, I thought I
had found a temporary solution
by deleting some files in the problem folder. However, this was not a
good solution, since all files are
lasso format files. The ones I deleted are not essential, but disable
one specific function.

During the weekend it became clear more problems occured. Lasso could
not write any files to
the harddrive, although lasso stated that the file creation and writing
was successful, no files
were created on the server harddrive (not a permissions issue, looked at
the folders as the root
user, bypassing the OS X finder). I'm not sure the one problem is
related to the other, but it would
be a big coincidence if they were not.

I have installed and copied everything to another server, the good news
is that lasso is able again
to write files, however the index file still disappears on occasion.
When I remove some of the files,
it appears again ...
The other server's harddrive I have tested today with TechTool Pro 4,
the only problems that it could
find, were minor problems with file dates and bad bundle bits (Files -
Finder Info test).
These are all repaired now. The hard drive diagnostic tests gave no
errors, nor this the volume tests.
Can these minor errors explain the problems?

After some research today, I found on this page
that on a HFS+ volume, the maximum files per volume are as follows:
    32,767 per folder
    >2Bn per volume.
     Suggested 1200 per folder

I am not sure how they got to the number of 1200, but somewhere around
that number of files in a
folder, problems occured on our server. So I guess it is a good idea to
keep that in mind.

Has anyone else ever experienced this kind of problems? Or does anyone
have a solution so that
I don't have to worry that at some day too many files will be residing
in one folder. I guess
32 000 won't be reached that easily, but the 1200 limit I have reached ...



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Re: Max files in folder - WebStar V default index - Write file troubles

Trevor Jacques
>Michael Coninx wrote: I guess 32,000 won't be reached that easily

Not necessarily. I use WebSTAR, but I also use ASSP. ASSP is set to
15,000 files in its spam folder and it adds/removes some 500 files
per day from this folder, yet it has never complained about the
number of files when creating its spam database from these files. In
ASSP, it's just a setting for me to put it up to 32k.

All this makes me think that your problem may be closer to Lasso than
to WebSTAR, since the problem disappears for Lasso actions when you
have fewer than 1,200 files.

Just my $0.03 Cdn. (which is rapidly becoming worth more than $0.02 U.S....).


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