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Lasso GL Studio Bug [was: How to avoid: <agl:translated...]

Lasso Studio is not only switching back by itself to Lasso Studio Inspector
from Built-in Inspector, but also adds columns when copy/pasting objects
between cells.

Otherwise a very fine tools for site and form building.



on 21.05.2005 01:22, Mark Schneider at [hidden email] wrote:

> same here...
> I submitted my last post to bugs@ too
> Sorry (but happy) to hear it's not staying set for you either.
> Thanks for validating I'm not crazy
> (well with regards to this issue anyway)
> ;-)
> schnide
>> Thanks.
>> I did that and will monitor it. However, currently it  always defaulting
>> back to "Lasso Studio Inspector".
>> Cheers
>> Detlef
>> on 20.05.2005 04:55, Mark Schneider at schnide@[Protected] wrote:
>>> make sure when GoLive starts up
>>> you check prefs tab on Lasso Studio floating pallette
>>> change Form Elements to use "built-in Inspector"
>>> (its probably defaulting to Lasso Studio Inspector)
>>> which cause havoc anytime you touch a form element...
>>> I've tried a zillion things to set this so it stays
>>> selected correctly but to no avail.
>>> I have to reset this EVERYTIME I launch GoLive
>>> and before I open/edit any page. ARGH!
>>> PLUS this issue has upgraded with me
>>> to new GoLive Studio 8.0.4
>>> schnide
>>> ps on the plus side this bug HAS pushed me
>>> towards feeling more comfortable editing
>>> raw code in BBedit ;-)

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