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Lasso Charting Application

Brett Circe
OmniPilot Software, Inc. is pleased to announce we are ready to  
collect beta participants to test a new charting application for  
Lasso. A public beta test program for this new application will begin  

This is something I am personally very excited about bringing to the  
Lasso platform.

Specific details on this new charting program will only be sent to  
participants of the beta program, which is covered by an NDA. To  
participate, please send a request to <[hidden email]> and,  
once the beta begins, you will be added to the beta mailing list and  
sent information on how to obtain the beta materials. Please indicate  
you are interested in the Charting beta, as there are several beta  
programs happening at this time.

I cannot comment on when the product will be released, what it may  
cost, or if it will be included in LPA memberships at this time.

If you have any questions, please send email to
<[hidden email]>.


Brett Circe, and the entire OmniPilot Team.

Brett Circe
[hidden email]

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