LSfE and 500 Internal Service Error

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LSfE and 500 Internal Service Error

Stephen P. Fracek, Jr.
I tried upgrading from L7 to LSfE but I'm getting ISEs from Apache.  When I
uninstall LSfE and reboot the Mac (10.3.9), L7 works and all the pages on
the site work.  

What I've done:

Stopped the copy of Lasso that I didn't want running, so that only one copy
of Lasso is active - confirmed this via Activity Monitor

Stopped and restarted Apache (1.3.33)

Got ISEs with either L7 or LSfE running - html only pages were ok but any
page containing lasso tags generated ISEs

Checked the LassoErrors.txt page for L7 and LSfE but it didn't show anything
unusual, here is an example from L7:

[05/26/05 12:15:31] MySQLConnector using MySQL client: 4.0.14
[05/26/05 12:15:32] Lasso Professional 7.1.0 Started

I also uninstalled and reinstalled LSfE but got the same ISEs.

What do I need to do to get LSfE installed properly?

Does the httpd.conf file need to be configured differently for LSfE?


Stephen P. Fracek, Jr., Ph.D., FAAAS
[hidden email]

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