Filemaker v. MySQL for Lasso Solution

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Filemaker v. MySQL for Lasso Solution

Alan Golub
I'm working on a Lasso app to manage cases for a law firm, and I'm wondering
whether Filemaker Server 7 will be fast enough to host it. For me, the
design and administration of the db would be much easier through FM and FM
Server 7 -- but I don't have any experience using it to host web apps on a
local network. Will it serve up the Lasso pages quickly enough? We're
talking about a database that will have approximately 50-60 tables, and will
manage a current caseload of 100 cases, which will continue to grow.

This is really a question about speed -- is FM up to the task? I'm
interested in hearing about other users' experiences with FM Server 7 to
host large db solutions over a local network.

Alan S. Golub

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